Flames on Stage. Life and art of Deyan Donkov
Flames on Stage. Life and art of Deyan Donkov
Publish date: 2020
ISBN: 9789543986484
Genre: Others
Dimensions: 14x21
Илюстративен материал: черно-бял илюстративен материал
Pages: 320
Price: 20.00 BGN

The life and career of the brilliant Deyan Donkov will be presented by Trud Publishing House in a new book at the end of September. "Flames on the Stage" by Dimitar Staykov will premiere in early autumn. The actor is a favorite of many with his expressiveness, talent and the variety of characters he can play. It is a forgotten fact that at the ceremony at the Bulgarian Army Theater for the awarding of the Askeer statuettes in 2011, the actor, named by Dinkata's friends and colleagues, suddenly grabbed his white T-shirt with both hands and tore it, exposing his muscular body. The T-shirt reads: "Stars are born, they are not made." The actor threw the pieces of cloth at the audience and, as it turned out, later handed the torn T-shirt to the mother of his first son, actress Anastasia Ingilizova, who knew that at that moment the boy was watching the ceremony on TV. Dinka leaves a testament to her son Deyan Jr. The stars are not born, but are created with a lot of work, zeal and intuition. Journalists and viewers like his fiery play on stage. In the role of Don Juan, he is possessed by demons; magnetic charisma and energy distinguish his partnership of Snezhina Petrova in "Miss Julia"; giving himself to the depths of his soul in the name of the person free from prohibitions and conventions is his McMurphy in "Flight over the Cuckoo's Nest"; Caligula calls his play a test of boundaries, a frenzy, and a borderline scene. Deyan Donkov is deservedly the first winner of the award for outstanding achievement in theatrical art of the foundation "Prof. Krikor Azaryan ”, presented to him on March 15, 2018 during an emotional celebration on the occasion of the 84th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Krikor Azaryan on the stage of Azaryan Theater in the National Palace of Culture. The book, of course, contains a lot of interesting information about his family, his relationship with Radina Kardzhilova, his love for his sons.

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