Fairytales and legends of the Bulgarian names - paperback
Fairytales and legends of the Bulgarian names - paperback
Publish date: 2021
ISBN: 9789543986880
v. 0 from series Other
Dimensions: 24x21
Илюстративен материал: черно-бял илюстративен материал
Pages: 360
Price: 15.99 BGN

For lovers of Bulgarian traditions, customs and folklore is the new book by Lilia Stareva. Well known for her series related to Bulgarian saints and holidays, she now presents "Tales and Legends of Bulgarian Names". In our names are hidden magic and power, values ​​and morals, history and culture. We have no idea how long the fairy tale is in them. Therefore, one of the purposes of the book is to acquaint with the sources and legends of the most popular Bulgarian names. "If it is true that the name, this is the man, we keep this whole wonderful Bulgarian tale through our names and at the same time we are subject to it, we protect it. It also protects us, "says the author. How do they keep and protect the names Maria, Hristo, Ivan, Georgi, Dimitar, Iliya, of the Christian saints, miracle workers? What kingship, strength and courage do the names of Kubrat, Asparuh, Tervel, Omurtag, Krum, Boris, Asen, Kaloyan, Samuel, khans and kings, who laid the foundations and defended the Bulgarian honor, bear? What is the magical power and endurance in the names Stoyan and Stoyanka? How do they protect the "terrible" names - Chernyo, which repel, deceive, frighten and drive away evil?

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