"Book of the Stock Exchange"
"Book of the Stock Exchange"
Author: Vasil Simov
Publish date: 2022
ISBN: 9786191886890
Genre: Non-fiction,
v. 0 from series Other
Dimensions: 13x20
Hard cover
Илюстративен материал: цветен илюстративен материал
Pages: 200
Price: 38.00 BGN

"Book for the Exchange "- a professional look at the institution called the EXCHANGE.


"Book of the Stock Exchange" is both a journey through time, tracing the historical development of the stock exchange institution in Europe, North America and Bulgaria and a fascinating first-person account of the revival of the stock market in our country after the democratic changes to this day. The book is also a practical guide to what is happening on the floor of every stock exchange. All this - through the professional eyes of Vasil Simov, one of the founders of the Sofia Commodity Exchange, which in 2021 celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. The author's memoirs go hand in hand with examples from stock exchange practice, acquired by him during numerous visits and trainings on major stock exchanges around the world. This is an emotional and convincing story of a man who invested not only his professional skills, but also his heart in his cause - the revival and modernization of the stock market in Bulgaria. Vasil Simov talks about the unique model of the institution, called the exchange, which is based on the equal distance of the exchange from all participants, providing them with the opportunity to achieve an equilibrium price of food and industrial goods - grain, food, coal, fuel, metals, precious metals. securities, currencies, etc. The exchange for him is at the same time a stage in the "Dream Theater", where the participants are driven by the common desire to succeed by selling or buying profitably for themselves or their customers. However, the stock market is also an impartial observer who discovers trends, finds the equilibrium point of mutual interest, the mirror that reflects the economic reality without interfering in it. The main character in Vasil Simov's book is the Sofia Commodity Exchange and its role in modernizing economic processes and trade in Bulgaria, providing transparency and predictability not only in private business but also in public procurement of state and municipal institutions and companies. In the Book of the Stock Exchange, readers will peek over the shoulders of stock market players to learn about the mechanisms and management of stock markets, learn more about the future of stock trading and its impact on the economy and society. Vasil Simov has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Sofia Commodity Exchange since its inception in 1991, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank, author of textbooks and lecturer in stock exchange at UNWE and other universities. the country.

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