About Trud

The first product with the TRUD’s logo is released on March 1st, 1936. However TRUD Publishing House was founded only in 1992. Nowadays there are about 10 employees and more than 30 part-timers, among them are some of the best Bulgarian translators, editors, proofreaders and designers.
Nearly two decades later, more than 1000 titles are published with TRUD’s logo – fiction and non-fiction, in hardcover or in paperback. Some of our most outstanding titles and authors are: the memoirs of Sir Winston Churchill, the fundamental works of H. Kissinger The Diplomacy, On China and World Order, the one volume Bulgarian Encyclopedia A to Z (in cooperation with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Encyclopedia „Bulgaria”, the Bible of every painter – Die Gestalt des Menschen and Die Gestalt des Tieres by prof. Bammes, a series of dictionaries – the bilingual pictorial dictionaries of Oxford-Duden, the two volume Czech-Bulgarian Dictionary, the Greek-Bulgarian Dictionary, the Hebrew-Bulgarian Dictionary and many more.

Each of TRUD’s series is very well-known to the mass Bulgarian audience – Judge Dee Mysteries by Robert van GulikSano Ichiro Mysteries by Lora J. Rowland; The Egyptian Mysteries by Paul Doherty, Top Secret – the biographies and memoirs of some of the world’s most famous spies and secret agents; the novels of Lucinda Riley, the novels of Rosamunde Pilcher and many more. World’s Classics Trud consists of some of the finest literature – the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexander Dumas, Mark Twain, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Margaret Mitchell and many more. World’s Classics Trud lead to Selection 500 – limited number of editions, specially designed for bibliophiles. Unique for the local market are the two series for children - Children's Classics "Living Water" and Great (Golden) Classics for Children where you can find the works of A.A.Miln, Grimm’s Brothers, Wilhelm Bush, Luis Carroll, Jonathan Swift, R.L.Stevenson and more.
Also, on our backlist you can find Selected by James Hadly Chase, Crime and Thriller – George Simenon, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allen Poe, Chesterton and many more.
TRUD has always cherished its authors – to discover them and to grow with them on the market. About half of the books that we publish are planned within the publishing house itself. This can be seen in our series of encyclopedias and reference materials, namely The Bulgarian Wine Book by Iassen Borislavov, The Worlds Soccer Encyclopedia by Rumen Paitashev, The Bulgarian Fishing Encyclopedia and The Bulgarian Hunters Encyclopedia by Mir Bogoev, The World Encyclopedia of Dog Breads by Venelin Dinchev, as well as the whole series of Encyclopedias on Bulgarian history.

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