Rudolf Erich Raspe

Rudolf Erich Raspe (1736 - 1794) was a German librarian, writer and scientist. He is best known for his collection of tall tales: The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen, originally a satirical work with political aims.
Raspe was born in Hanover, studied law and worked as a librarian for the university of Göttingen. Since 1767 he was responsible for some collections of the landgrave of Hesse-Cassel Frederic II before having to flee to England in 1775 after pilfering some gems that were supposedly in his care. He was employed by Matthew Boulton in the mines of Cornwall, and he was also publishing in geology and in the history of art. He also worked for the famous publisher John Nichols in several projects. In 1791 he moved to Scotland, and after an involvement in a mining swindle there, he left. He finally moved to Ireland where he managed a copper mine on the Herbert Estate. He died in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland, of typhoid, in November of 1794.


Books by Rudolf Erich Raspe
The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Publish date:: 2007
Genre: Adventure
v. 26 from series Children's Classics
Твърда корица
Pages: 136
Not Available
Price: 9.99 лв.
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