Sezession in Bulgaria
Sezession in Bulgaria
Publish date: 2016
ISBN: 9789543984251
Dimensions: 18x24
Pages: 236
Price: 14.99 BGN

Only a decade after its appearance on the European art scene Sezession penetrates and Bulgaria. Prof. Valentin Angelov reveals the spirit, creed and aesthetics of this style. Bulgarian painter, witnessed the incredible boom of Art Nouveau in Central Europe, he is fascinated and impressed by the refined forms brought to the pure aestheticism, their elegance, artistry and grace.

The publication provides a wealth of information for secession in Bulgaria (not only facts but also as a philosophy), as an organic part of the intense artistic life in our country during the first decades of the 20th century. Reassess the Art Nouveau works of art in Bulgaria and their place among others, argues that Sezession style is a manifestation of artistic, creative "play" with art forms, bold flight of imagination. Presented are all artists whose work in varying degrees influenced by him - from the naturalistic and ethnographic works of Ivan Markvichka, Anton Mitov, Ivan Angelov, Petko Klisurov, the performances of the decorative arts, including design of banknotes, stocks, bonds, greetings, certificates, menus of restaurants, pottery, woodcarving, projects furniture in vignettes kontsovkite and drawings of foreign authors in Bulgarian periodicals to events in the graph, especially applied, ornaments, illustration and architecture (ornamentation of the facade, the interior wall decoration windows and doors, railings, fences and wrought iron, stained glass, etc.) and paintings with varying degrees of Sezession broadcast Ivan Milev, Goshka Datzov, Nikolai Raynov, Georgi Atanasov and other Bulgarian artists.

The publication is supported by Bulgarian Ministry of Culture!

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