The Missing sister
The Missing sister
Future Issue 27.05.2021
Genre: Novel
v. 7 from series Lucinda Riley Selected
Dimensions: 0x0
Translator: Kalina Bahchevanova
Илюстративен материал: без илюстративен материал
Pages: 500
Price: 19.99 BGN

Each of D’Apliez’s six sisters has gone through an incredible journey to discover their origins. But there is still one unanswered question: who is the seventh sister in the family and where is she? The D’Apliez sisters will turn the world upside down to find her. They have only one clue - an image of a star-shaped emerald ring. The search for the missing sister will take them around the world - from New Zealand to Canada, England, France and Ireland, uniting them all in one mission: to bring the whole family together. In this way, the D’Apples sisters will face a powerful love and sacrifice story that began almost a hundred years ago. A story that will lead the reader to the epic finale of the saga "The Seven Sisters".

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