Rock and roll, espionage and... the last waltz
Rock and roll, espionage and... the last waltz
Author: Ivan Garelov
Publish date: 2023
ISBN: 9789543987535
v. 0 from series Other
Dimensions: 14.5x21
Nationality: bulgarian
Илюстративен материал: черно-бял илюстративен материал
Pages: 190
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Price: 20.00 BGN

I think that it was the events of 1968 that marked the beginning of the ideological rapprochement between the young people of the two systems, although separated by the Iron Curtain. From here on, our reactions to events became more and more similar. The language of this rapprochement was rock and roll, which was much more than music. When the Wall, a symbol of the Cold War, fell, many felt victorious. The West against the East, the CIA against the KGB, democracy against communism... And the winner of the great battle for our future, the battle of freedom and love against hate and war, was none other than rock and roll...

This is how Ivan Garelov, a few days before his 80th anniversary, describes the idea of his book "Rock and roll, espionage and... the last dance". Hundreds of sheets of documents pass through the author's hands as he summarizes what brings us together and what separates us from Europeans after the fall of the Cold War. How is our lifestyle changing? How do young people dare against the system on a cultural level? And last but not least, how did rock and roll enter Bulgaria and what changes does it bring? A book that provokes, that asks questions, but also searches for the truth, a book that meets many "heroes" of the time after the Changes...

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