Author: Hakan Gunday
Publish date: 2023
Genre: Fiction
v. 0 from series Other
Dimensions: 14x21
Pages: 380
Price: 20.00 BGN

In some latitudes and longitudes, there are males who feed on females. They even feed women to women as hens feed them chickens. Palaz, like most of the birthplaces of those who took refuge in El-Amman, had latitudes and longitudes. Indeed, Palaz was worse. If in the Syrian country one woman was destroyed a week, in Palaz it happened three times a day. Families decided after bargaining who would marry whom. As a result, no woman married her lover. And she knew that she would be killed immediately if it was found out that she was not only thinking about her lover or that she had been raped by anyone. So women in the Palaz could be born, give birth and die only with the approval of the family.

Zamir is the face of a campaign to raise money for injured Syrian babies. But through his portrayal, writer Hakan Gunday reveals how even human rights and charity organizations founded with the best of intentions can become corrupt over time. Hakan Gundai reveals the world as it is - corrupt from head to toe. From historical examples of discriminatory NGO policies to the unethical methods charities can choose to raise money, Gunday asks pressing questions about refugees, racism, universal human rights, nationalism and religion.
Hakan Gunday was born on the island of Rhodes in 1976 and completed his primary education in Brussels. He studied at the Department of French Translation at Ankara University's Faculty of Political Science. He then transferred to the Universite Libre de Bruxelles. His first novel, Kİnyas and Kayra, was published in 2000. He was awarded the Prix Médicis étranger in 2015 and was selected as a member of the 2016 PEN International Writers Circle. His novel Zamir is the winner of the 2022 Hermann Hesse Prize.

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