The Anubis Slayings (Ancient Egyptian Mysteries)
The Anubis Slayings (Ancient Egyptian Mysteries)
Author: Paul Doherty
Publish date: 2002
ISBN: 9545283009
Genre: Crime
v. 3 from series Egyptian Mysteries
Dimensions: 13x20
Илюстративен материал: без илюстративен материал
Pages: 256
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Price: 6.99 BGN
It is 1497 B.C.E and the Pharaoh Queen Hatusu is in the process of consolidating power and taking over as ruler after her husband's death. She has just defeated the Mitanni, and formal peace negotiations are in progress. Someone wearing a jackal mask that resembles the god Anubis is poisoning people. Valuable treasures and manuscripts disappear from the temple of Anubis, too. Is it political intrigue? Amertoke must find out who is trying to sabotage the delicate negotiations before he becomes the next victim. Doherty's attention to historical detail and his well-crafted plot will delight readers fascinated by ancient Egypt.
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