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The Picture
Future Issue: 20.12.2017
Genre: Crime
Мека корица
Pages: 464
Price: 12.99 лв.
Time and Place. Talking to Gleb Pavlovski
Future Issue: 19.12.2017
v. 120 from series Other
Мека корица
Pages: 232
Price: 12.99 лв.
Savremennik Magazine 3/2017
Future Issue: 26.10.2017
Genre: Others
v. 3 from series Savremennik
Мека корица
Pages: 420
Price: 13.00 лв.
Future Issue: 06.10.2017
Genre: Adventure
v. 129 from series World's Classics
Мека корица
Pages: 464
Price: 14.99 лв.
The Shadow Sister
Future Issue: 04.10.2017
Genre: Novel
v. 7 from series Lucinda Riley Selected
Мека корица
Pages: 568
Price: 15.99 лв.
On Intelligence: The History of Espionage and the Secret World
Future Issue: 29.09.2017
v. 30 from series Top Secret
Мека корица
Pages: 512
Price: 19.99 лв.
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